Monday, January 31, 2011

31 January 2011

OMG so frustrated with LMCC. I want to track and seriously maim the pedantic bureaucrat handling our DA! Last time I posted we were looking at having to address the gum tree next door. We'd been so pre-occupied with whether the Norfolk Pines on our block were going to be an issue we overlooked the gargantuan proportions of the gum tree next door!

We had a chat with the neighbours who own the gum tree (No.8) and asked them how they felt about it being chopped down. Felt a bit guilty as at the same time we were fending off the neighbours on the other side (No. 4) who want to get rid of our two substantial Norfolk Pines. No.8 ended up agreeing it would be best for all concerned for the gum to go as it was also located over a sewer main and they have plans to build a large shed and a pool in the next couple of years anyway.

As per LMCC directive we hired an Arborist who said there were 2 options - chop it down or keep it and build around it with special foundations etc. Guess what the council preferred? Plus council required full detail of the slab construction together with a further report from the arborist saying he agrees to the construction details. As we understand it, this type of detail isn't really required at DA stage but we are beholden to the almighty bureaucrat :(

The main concern with council delays is losing our builder to other projects. He has already checked with us whether he could take another 6 week project which we agreed with, and just as well we did! Four weeks left on that project and we are looking pretty doubtful to be ready to start, given engineering and private certification of the construction certificate still remains to be done.

At this stage we are planning to get the DA under the current scenario while the neighbours lodge a DA for removal of the tree. If they are successful (they've been told they won't be) then we'll amend the DA. The irritating thing is that we will pussy foot around to build around the tree, then in a couple of years when the neighbours want to build the shed/pool it will be removed at presumably great risk to our roof, which by that stage will already have some almighty dings in it from branch fallout!

On a positive front, we are absolutely loving living in Redhead, the neighbours are all really friendly, so it looks like we've made the right decision. The other positive is that presumably our Norfolk Pines are fairly safe - No.4 couldn't get rid of them even if we agreed to it :) :) :) Gosh I'm a hypocrite!