Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I can't believe it's been a whole month since my last post! And less than 4 weeks till Christmas. We've had more than our fair share of rain just when the roof to the old house was to be replaced so that has set us back a bit but today the sun was shining and we've had builders, roofers and electricians here getting us that bit closer to the finish line!

We now have the interior walls painted, the scullery installed, we've fixed the ceiling panels that were different colours after liming (that would be a royal "we" as Mike did all the hard yakka).

Here's how we're looking today:

Below is the scullery which is half a kitchen and half a pantry so we can slide the door shut on it and hide all the washing up when we have people over..

New roof going on the old house..

She's still mighty ugly at the front but after we've changed the windows, stairs, railings, garage door, bagged the brick, added a timber slat pergola and landscaped it should start to look alright. Phew exhausted after saying all that, never mind doing it!!

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