Friday, April 8, 2011

Battle weary...

Had hoped to have turned a sod by now but, alas, no movement at the station due to builder delays, tree issues etc. Finally were about to make a start this week, when our builder discovers a major problem with the design: if we build it the way the architects have drawn it then we would basically have to levitate the cars into the garage. The garage slab has been drawn about half a metre below the surface of the lane at the back where we would be entering. Unless you have a monster truck there ain't no way of getting in.

Even more stunning, the architects don't seem to be acknowledging their part in any of this. We're absolutely gobsmacked about the whole thing. The yard has been completely chopped up. The rain has descended. We have no back fence or privacy. The whole thing has to be redesigned and go back through dreaded council :( :( :(

The architects have moved quickly to redesign the garage to be higher than the rest of the extension. Not quite as streamlined as before but not terrible.

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