Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out of the ground...finally!

A fair bit is happening after a few stuff ups and delays. The concretors mucked up the slab to the courtyard by letting it dry with a big dip in the middle which mean't it had to be jackhammered and re-poured. Also the surface to the open plan living area was not done particularly well and we ended up needing to get a concrete grinder and polisher onto that and now it looks magnificent!

Here's some shots of the recent progress...

Earthworks and retaining walls..

Formwork & rio..

A big team of concretors turn up - unfortunately none of them wearing the 'quality control' hat :( and even worse, not one bit of eye candy amongst them :(((

Mr Stress-Head watching the concretors (for good reason as it turned out)..

After sucking up some additional expense, the grind & polish..beautiful!! The left-hand side which is not polished is to have a teak deck over it.

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