Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well we're into finishing touches now and everything is looking brilliant. There's plenty of timber, including new guinea rosewood doors and louvre windows, hoop pine ceilings and eaves and silver top ash shiplap cladding on the fins to the outside and the lining the interior of the outdoor room. Although the concrete floor is concealed by builders debris at the moment, it will have a re-buff after the gyprocking and painting is finished and will look sensational! Today we made lock up of the back area. Some of the join to the old house is complete, a little bit more to go and we are at full lock up. Bring it on!

Freshly installed today is the cladding to the outdoor room (below) and the fitting of the HUGE back door, you really need to get your abs into it to get it open!

Below is the view to the existing house which will have the built in back porch knocked off (going with it Lucy's temporary bedroom) and the brickwork will be rendered and painted grey and a new colorbond roof installed to match the extension. The existing house has always been ugly, but never more so than now, right up against the new section.

Below you can see how the ceiling steps up the block. The exposed parts will be clad in gyprock as will the internal fins which match position of the external fins.

Below is the first of two joins to the existing house, this one clad in colorbond and the next one (to the right where the porch will be removed) will be clad in the Silvertop Ash shiplap.

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